About Us

Photo: Golf Outing 2016

The Friends of The Royal Hospital Donnybrook, founded by Mr. Dick Tennant, was registered as a Charitable Company in 1989 with the object of raising funds for research, patient care and capital projects.

Over the years “The Friends” have funded a number of research programmes and have made major contributions to capital projects such as upgrading wards and developing new services. Perhaps the most visible signs of The Friends’ contribution is in patient care where many valuable services such as additional ambulances, a coffee shop and a raised garden for patients have been provided.

Indeed, since its inception, “The Friends” have organised many musical, sporting, cultural and social events while also working with outside organisations and individuals who wished to support the hospital. A visual example of this is the wonderful collection of paintings by Irish Artists which is on permanent display in the hospital to be enjoyed by patients, staff and visitors.

To date the Friends have raised in excess of €3.2m. “The Friends” endeavour to keep administrative overheads to a minimum and the office is staffed on a voluntary basis.

If you would like to make a donation to “The Friends”, you may do so by clicking on mycharities.ie